UMA - Unified Modelling Approach

UMA is at the core of RKM PRO ENG. We know that conclusions relating to process performance cannot be made unless a complete high fidelity model has been built. This philosophy is already present in other engineering businesses such as aeronautical, electronics, automotive industries.

Hence at RKM PRO ENG we look closer. We ensure our process units within our process models match the actual process equipment as installed or as yet to be approved for final design.

At the heart of most Oil and Gas Facilities will be the rotating equipment and this is usually where production performance is debated. RKM PRO ENG has detailed knowledge of compressors and turbo-expanders and is able to provide if required an in situ performance assessment. This coupled with in-depth knowledge of compressor control systems and rotational dynamics allows our Clients to see the physical and hydraulic limits of their equipment.

If you wish to know more about UMA please contact us.